Jitsi vs Google Meet: Choose the best platform for your remote teams

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Jitsi vs Google Meet

In the era of remote work, selecting the right video conferencing platform is crucial for effective collaboration. This practical guide compares two popular options: Jitsi and Google Meet, assisting you in choosing the ideal platform for your remote teams.

Jitsi Meet:

Open Source Customization: Jitsi Meet’s open-source nature allows for customization, providing a tailored experience for remote teams.

No-Hassle Joining: Users can swiftly join meetings without the need for an account, facilitating quick and hassle-free collaboration.

Privacy Assurance: With end-to-end encryption, Jitsi Meet prioritizes the security and privacy of your remote team’s discussions.

Budget-Friendly Option: Jitsi Support offers a cost-effective solution, making it an attractive choice for teams on a budget.

Google Meet:

Seamless Google Workspace Integration: Google Meet effortlessly integrates with Google Workspace, offering a cohesive environment for remote teams using Google’s suite of tools.

Scalability for Large Teams: With the ability to accommodate larger meetings, Google Meet is suitable for scaling up collaboration in bigger remote teams.

User-Friendly Interface: Google Meet’s intuitive interface and straightforward controls cater to teams with varying levels of tech-savviness.

Advanced Collaboration Features: Offering features like live streaming, Google Meet is ideal for teams seeking advanced collaboration capabilities.

Comparison: Jitsi Meet vs Google Meet

FeatureJitsi MeetGoogle Meet
Open Source CustomizationYesNo
No-Hassle JoiningYesNo
Privacy AssuranceEnd-to-End EncryptionGoogle Workspace Security
Budget-Friendly OptionYesPricing Plans Available
Google Workspace IntegrationNoYes
Scalability for Large TeamsLimitedIdeal for Larger Meetings
User-Friendly InterfaceUser-FriendlyIntuitive Interface
Advanced Collaboration FeaturesBasic FeaturesLive Streaming, Captions

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Remote Team

  • For small teams or budget-conscious groups: Jitsi Meet offers a free, user-friendly solution with solid core features.
  • For teams already using G Suite or requiring advanced features: Google Meet provides seamless integration and additional capabilities for larger-scale collaboration.
  • For maximum security customization and control: Jitsi Meet’s open-source nature can be advantageous.


Q1: Is Jitsi Meet suitable for larger remote teams?

  • Jitsi Meet is a cost-effective option but may have limitations for very large teams. Consider your team size and collaboration needs.

Q2: Can I use Google Meet without a Google account?

  • No, a Google account is required to host or join meetings on Google Meet.

Q3: Which platform is more secure?

  • Both platforms offer strong security features, but Jitsi Meet’s open-source nature allows for additional customization.

Q4: Does Google Meet offer a free version for small teams?

  • Yes, Google Meet provides a free version, but certain advanced features may require a subscription.

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