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We've worked with over 200+ Jitsi based projects. Our services includes


Jitsi Setup

We can set up jitsi on your server within 4 hrs.

  • Server setup and configuration
  • Jitsi installation with latest features
  • Rebranding of Jitsi as per your brand

Recording with Jibri

We know setting up recording is bit difficult but we can make it easy for you.

  • Save recoding in local system
  • Sync recording on dropbox
  • Sync recording on AWS S3, FTP, Google Drive etc

Jitsi Scaling

Do you have 100s of users? do not worry we can help to set up scalable architecture for jitsi.

  • Setting up multiple JVB (Jitsi Video Bridges)
  • Multiple shard, HA Proxy
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling

Jitsi Load Test

Our Jitsi Load Testing Service tests your deployment's performance and scalability to ensure it can handle many users while maintaining video and audio quality.

With our load testing service, you can:

  • Test the performance of your Jitsi deployment:
  • Measure the scalability of your Jitsi deployment:
  • Optimize your Jitsi deployment

Jitsi Customization

Personalize your virtual meetings with our Jitsi customization services. We can elevate your brand, enhance features, and integrate Jitsi seamlessly into your ecosystems, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Customize Jitsi to match your brand and needs
  • Optimize for performance, scalability, and usability
  • Get ongoing support and maintenance.

Support and Maintenance


Our recent case studies

Let's explore on how we helped our clients

We helped UNRC (Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto) University from Argentina to achieve 10K students at a time with recording

UNRC wanted to use Jitsi for their online classes. While installing jitsi is an easy task, scaling it to handle large number of users is a different scenario. Keeping in mind the scenario of 10K+ concurrent student, we scaled the jitsi accordingly. We helped them with following jitsi services:

  • On premises Jitsi Setup & Rebranding
  • Multi cluster Jitsi scaling
  • Dockerised Jibri setup
  • Syncing recordings with other server using SFTP
  • Jitsi integration with existing system

How we helped build a Virtual Event Platform at scale

While everyone was shifting virtually, our valuable client got an idea to develop a virtual event platform. We used jitsi for 121 networking, group networking, sponsor networking with along with other live streaming tools. We helped them with following jitsi services:

  • Jitsi set up and rebranding
  • Implement AI / ML driven meetings
  • Algorithm to connect idle particiapnt with another idle one.

How we helped Turkey University to scale online classes with 20000+ students

Turkey university want to integrate jitsi with their existing moodle based LMS. They were expecting load of 20k+ students at a time. We help them to achieve using below services

  • Jitsi on primise multi cluster scaling
  • Jibri scaling for recording
  • Integration with Moodle based LMS

We're here to help you

Focus on your business growth and leave development and configuration to us.

  • Jitsi setup and deployment
  • Jitsi scaling
  • Custom app development
  • Jibri Setup & Scaling
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What is Jitsi ?

Jitsi is a set of open-source projects that allows you to easily build and deploy secure videoconferencing solutions.

Is Jitsi Free ?

Yes, Jitsi is free and open-source under the Apache license 2.0.

Can I use jitsi in my personal project?

Yes! You can use Jitsi for your personal Project.

How do I setup my own Jitsi Installation?

Setting up Jitsi Meet is a simple experience for those that are familiar with Unix installations. For Debian-based systems, we recommend following the quick-install document, which uses the package system.

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Focus on your business growth and leave development and configuration to us.

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