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Optimize Your Jitsi with our Maintenance Service

Maximize your Jitsi’s performance with our team, ensuring peak performance, security updates, and 24/7 support for worry-free meetings.

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Performance Enhancement
  • Jitsi Instance Health Check
  • Identify and Resolve Performance Bottleneck
  • Resource Tuning for Better Performance
Server Management
  • Load Balancing Implementation
  • Resource Allocation Optimization
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting
Managed Updates and Upgrades
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Major Upgrades and Seamless Migrations Support
  • Preventive Maintenance Checks
Cost Optimization Analysis
  • Performance-Cost Ratio Analysis
  • Infrastructure Rightsizing
  • Cloud Credit Optimization
Security Audits and Updates
  • Continuous Security Audits
  • Timely Security Patches and Updates
  • Expert Recommendations for Jitsi Security Enhancement
Dedicated Support
  • Personalized Assistance
  • Regular Check-ins and Updates
  • Strategic Consultations for Long-term Enhancements

Our recent case studies

Let's explore on how we helped our clients

We helped UNRC (Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto) University from Argentina to achieve 10K students at a time with recording

UNRC wanted to use Jitsi for their online classes. While installing jitsi is an easy task, scaling it to handle large number of users is a different scenario. Keeping in mind the scenario of 10K+ concurrent student, we scaled the jitsi accordingly. We helped them with following jitsi services:

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How we helped build a Virtual Event Platform at scale

While everyone was shifting virtually, our valuable client got an idea to develop a virtual event platform. We used jitsi for 121 networking, group networking, sponsor networking with along with other live streaming tools. We helped them with following jitsi services:

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What does your Jitsi support service include?

We provide comprehensive support, covering setup, customization, scaling, and ongoing maintenance to ensure a seamless Jitsi experience.

How does the account manager support ongoing strategy?

The dedicated account manager collaborates with clients in regular consultations, offering insights for long-term strategy and platform enhancements.

What measures are in place for security?

Security is a top priority. We conduct regular audits, apply timely patches, and provide recommendations to enhance Jitsi security.

Can you assist with major version upgrades?

Certainly, we offer expert assistance for seamless transitions during major version upgrades, ensuring minimal disruption.

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