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Customize Jitsi to Make Your Meetings More Effective

Tailor your platform to your brand, enhance features, and integrate seamlessly with other tools.

Trusted Clients

Branding Customizations
  • Logo replacement
  • Custom color schemes and themes
  • Custom domain and URL naming
User Interface (UI) Customizations
  • Tailored layouts for video tiles
  • Customized buttons and controls
  • Personalized landing pages
Feature Enhancements
  • Seamless integration with third-party tools
  • Recording and streaming integrations
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
Mobile App Customizations
  • Personalized mobile app branding
  • Enhanced mobile features
  • Mobile app integrations with other apps or services
Authentication & Security
  • Token Based Authentication
  • Role-based access controls
  • Integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) providers
Backend Customizations
  • Enhanced logging and monitoring
  • Custom server deployments on AWS, Azure.
  • Scalability improvements for handling more participants
Quality & Performance Improvements
  • Custom video quality settings
  • Bandwidth optimizations
  • Low-latency configurations
Third Party Integrations
  • Calendar integrations
  • Integration with CMS platforms
  • Payment gateway integrations for paid webinars or meetings
Localization & Translation
  • Addition of support for new languages
  • Custom translations for specific terminologies
Custom Plugins & Modules
  • Third-party plugins or modules Integration
  • Development of custom plugins to extend functionality

Our recent case studies

Let's explore on how we helped our clients

We helped UNRC (Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto) University from Argentina to achieve 10K students at a time with recording

UNRC wanted to use Jitsi for their online classes. While installing jitsi is an easy task, scaling it to handle large number of users is a different scenario. Keeping in mind the scenario of 10K+ concurrent student, we scaled the jitsi accordingly. We helped them with following jitsi services:

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How we helped build a Virtual Event Platform at scale

While everyone was shifting virtually, our valuable client got an idea to develop a virtual event platform. We used jitsi for 121 networking, group networking, sponsor networking with along with other live streaming tools. We helped them with following jitsi services:

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What can be customized in Jitsi through your service?

Our customization service covers a wide range, including branding, user interface adjustments, feature integrations, and overall platform enhancements based on your preferences.

Can you modify the Jitsi UI with our design preferences?

Yes, our customization service offers extensive control over the user interface, allowing modifications to design elements, layout, and overall appearance based on your preferences.

Are there limitations to Jitsi customization?

While Jitsi's core functionalities set boundaries, our experts collaborate to tailor solutions that meet your needs within these parameters.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance?

Yes, our services include ongoing support, regular updates, patches, and performance monitoring for a reliable Jitsi experience.

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