How we helped build a Virtual Event Platform at scale

Virtual Event Platform

In a world rapidly shifting to digital solutions, our client recognized the need for a robust virtual event platform that could not only handle the demands of live streaming but also foster genuine connections among participants. This case study explores how we transformed this vision into a scalable and innovative reality.

The Challenge: Creating a Virtual Space for Meaningful Connections

As the world pivoted to virtual environments, our client sought to create a platform that went beyond just broadcasting content. They envisioned a space where participants could engage in 1-to-1 networking, group discussions, and connect with sponsors in a meaningful way. The challenge was not just to build a platform but to ensure it could scale and adapt to the dynamic nature of live events.

Our Approach: Leveraging Jitsi and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Our journey began with the selection of Jitsi, a renowned tool for live streaming and virtual meetings. However, we didn’t stop at just using Jitsi; we customized and rebranded it to fit the unique identity and needs of our client’s platform. Here’s how we did it:

1. Jitsi Set Up and Rebranding: We tailored Jitsi’s robust features to create a seamless and branded experience for users. From the user interface to functionality, every aspect was designed to reflect our client’s vision and brand identity.

2. Implementing AI/ML-Driven Meetings: To enhance the networking experience, we integrated AI and ML technologies. This allowed for smarter matchmaking, ensuring participants could connect with others based on their interests, behaviors, and networking goals.

3. Dockerised Jibri Setup: Recording lectures is crucial for students who wish to review the material. We dockerized Jibri, making it scalable and reliable for recording thousands of lectures simultaneously.

4. Algorithm for Connecting Idle Participants: Recognizing the challenge of idle time in virtual events, we developed an algorithm designed to connect idle participants with one another. This not only maximized engagement but also ensured that every participant had the opportunity to make meaningful connections.

The Result: A Scalable and Engaging Virtual Event Platform

The result of our efforts was a virtual event platform that not only met the immediate needs of our client but was also scalable and flexible enough to adapt to future demands. Participants enjoyed a rich networking experience, sponsors found value in targeted engagements, and our client was able to host events of various sizes and complexities with ease.

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