Jitsi vs BigBlueButton: What are the differences?

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Jitsi vs BigBlueButton

In the realm of online classroom solutions, the choice between BigBlueButton and Jitsi can be crucial. Both are commendable open-source video conference systems, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. In this article, we delve into a side-by-side analysis to guide you in making the right decision for your virtual classroom.

What is Jitsi?

Jitsi stands as a versatile, free, and open-source suite supporting voice (VoIP), video conferencing, and instant messaging across various platforms. Originating from the SIP Communicator, Jitsi evolved with WebRTC, introducing the Jitsi Video bridge for web-based multi-party video calling. Jitsi Support, its video conferencing app, caters to web, mobile, and computer users. Notably, provides a free community-hosted version. Additional projects include Jigasi, lib-jitsi-meet, Jidesha, and Jitsi.

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What is BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton emerges as a dedicated web conferencing solution tailored for Linux servers, primarily serving online education. Recognized by the Open Source Initiative, BigBlueButton requires only a basic HTML5 client. Leveraging WebRTC, it facilitates real-time communication of audio, video, and screen sharing. Its front-end relies on React, while the backend operates on MongoDB and Node.js, complemented by Redis for managing meetings, attendees, and relevant information.

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Feature Comparison

Let’s dissect the essential features of both Jitsi and BigBlueButton. Jitsi caters to online meetings, video conferences, voice conferencing, and instant messaging. Conversely, BigBlueButton focuses primarily on online training sessions, incorporating a whiteboard and computer sharing to facilitate real-time interaction among numerous users.

Documents UploadYesNo
Breakout RoomsYesNo
Video OptionsYesYes
Multi-User WhiteboardYesNo
Shared NotesYesNo
Hand RiseYesYes
Video ShareYesNo
Closed CaptionsYesNo
Easy RecordingsYesNo

Integration Comparison

For online classrooms, BigBlueButton Integration into a Learning Management System (LMS) is pivotal. BigBlueButton outshines Jitsi in terms of integration with various platforms.

LMS & CMSBigBlueButton PluginJitsi Plugin
Sakai ProjectYesNo
Tiki Wiki CMSYesNo

Conclusion: Jitsi vs BigBlueButton

In summary, BigBlueButton emerges as the superior choice for online classrooms. While both platforms share an open-source nature and utilize web browsers as clients, BigBlueButton’s edge lies in its extensive integration capabilities with Learning Management Systems. Noteworthy features like a multi-user whiteboard, breakout rooms, and video-sharing further set it apart from Jitsi.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge Jitsi’s recent initiatives, such as collaborations with the European Commission, indicating its commitment to enhancing educational functionalities. The trajectory of Jitsi Support growth suggests a promising future, providing users with a broader spectrum of alternatives.


Q1: Can Jitsi be expected to catch up with BigBlueButton’s integration capabilities?

  • Jitsi has shown commitment to educational enhancements, with collaborations and initiatives indicating potential growth. Keep an eye on future developments.

Q2: What advantages does BigBlueButton offer in terms of online classroom features?

  • BigBlueButton excels with a multi-user whiteboard, breakout rooms, and video-sharing capabilities, fostering collaborative learning experiences.

Q3: Are there ongoing efforts to enhance Jitsi’s role in education?

  • Yes, Jitsi has engaged in collaborative efforts, such as hackathons with the European Commission, signaling a dedication to improving its utility in the educational sector.

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