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Jitsi Installation and Rebranding Service

Setup jitsi on your preferred cloud service provider in a couple of hrs.

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Our Jitsi Installation Service includes

jitsi installation

Jitsi Installation

Quick Jitsi installation on various cloud platforms like

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Digital Ocean / Linode / Vultr and many similar platforms
  • On Premise set up
  • Jitsi setup under Private Network
jitsi rebranding

Jitsi Rebranding

Jitsi will be rebranded according to your brand

  • Replace Jitsi logo with client logo
  • Changing color scheme and fonts to match client brand
  • Show / Hide toolbar menu as per client requirement
  • Jitsi home page customisation
jitsi integration

Jitsi Integration

We can integrate third-party modules and fine-tune existing modules to meet your needs.

  • Whiteboard integration
  • Client side recording
  • Auto recording module
  • JWT authentication
  • Secure domain authentication

Our recent case studies

Let's explore on how we helped our clients

We helped UNRC (Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto) University from Argentina to achieve 10K students at a time with recording

UNRC wanted to use Jitsi for their online classes. While installing jitsi is an easy task, scaling it to handle large number of users is a different scenario. Keeping in mind the scenario of 10K+ concurrent student, we scaled the jitsi accordingly. We helped them with following jitsi services:

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How we helped build a Virtual Event Platform at scale

While everyone was shifting virtually, our valuable client got an idea to develop a virtual event platform. We used jitsi for 121 networking, group networking, sponsor networking with along with other live streaming tools. We helped them with following jitsi services:

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Is Jitsi installation suitable for private networks?

Absolutely. We specialize in installing Jitsi on private networks, ensuring a secure and reliable video conferencing solution within your organization's infrastructure.

Can I embed Jitsi Meet into my Website?

Absolutely! Jitsi Meet can be embedded on your website using its External API, requiring just a few lines of code. If you're not tech-savvy, no worries — we're here to assist with the process.

What kind of post-installation support do you provide?

Our support extends beyond installation, covering updates, troubleshooting, and ensuring your Jitsi setup runs smoothly over time.

What follows after the completion of Jitsi setup?

Our experts will guide you through Jitsi best practices, ensuring you get the most out of every video meeting.

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