Transforming Healthcare Communication with Secure, Scalable Online Meetings

Healthcare Communication with Secure, Scalable Online Meetings

Our client has a pioneering platform revolutionizing virtual healthcare. Seeking to enhance their telehealth services, they engaged us to implement a customized Jitsi setup on AWS, incorporating the latest features, rebranding elements, and data encryption.

The Challenge

Our Client is a dedicated provider of healthcare services, sought a secure and scalable online meeting platform to facilitate seamless communication between patients, caregivers, and providers. Their existing solution lacked critical features and customization options, hindering collaboration and engagement.

Our Approach

We envisioned a dynamic solution built on Jitsi and Jibri, tailored to their specific needs. Our comprehensive approach encompassed:

1. Jitsi Installation and Customization (AWS): Installed Jitsi on AWS, leveraging the latest features for rich communication experiences. Rebranded Jitsi with client’s branding elements, fostering brand recognition and trust. Implemented JWT authentication, ensuring secure access and user management.

2. Jibri Setup: Established a dedicated Jibri server for meeting recording capabilities. Deployed a Dockerized setup to seamlessly handle multiple concurrent recordings (up to 3) Developed a custom script to automatically synchronize recordings to an S3 bucket for secure storage and easy access.

The Outcome

Through our expertise in Jitsi and Jibri, coupled with a client-centric approach, we built a robust and customizable online meeting platform that deliver exceptional healthcare coordination services. This enhanced communication platform enables client to continue improving patient experience, collaboration, and overall care outcomes.

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