Tailored Jitsi Customization for Seamless Virtual Collaboration

Jitsi Customization for Seamless Virtual Collaboration

Our client is a dynamic organization seeking optimal virtual collaboration solutions, envisioned a highly customized Jitsi platform to meet specific meeting recording and moderation requirements.

The Challenge

The challenge involved implementing advanced features within Jitsi to allow automatic meeting recording initiation and termination, recording in tile view, and flexible moderator assignment. Ensuring continuous recording in the absence of the moderator added an extra layer of complexity.

Our Approach

1. Automatic Recording and Tile View: Implemented a custom prosody plugin to automatically initiate recording when meetings start with more than one participant. Modified server-side and mobile code to enable default tile view mode during recording, offering an enhanced visual experience.

2. Flexible Moderator Assignment: Introduced parameter options for designating the moderator at the start of the meeting. Enabled dynamic moderator assignment during the meeting via a right-click option. Introduced a co-host or co-moderator concept, providing additional flexibility in meeting management. Ensured uninterrupted recording even if the moderator departs without assigning a co-host or co-moderator.

3. Token-Based Authentication: Implemented token-based authentication to restrict meeting initiation to the designated moderator. Participants could only join after the moderator initiated the meeting, enhancing control over virtual gatherings.

The Outcome:

The tailored Jitsi customization successfully addressed the client’s intricate requirements. Automatic recording, tile view mode, and flexible moderator assignments provided a seamless and user-friendly virtual collaboration experience. The token-based authentication ensured secure meeting initiation, allowing only the moderator to start the meeting, with participants entering the meeting room post-initiation. The solution delivered an enhanced and intuitive Jitsi experience, meeting the unique demands of our client.

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